Captivating Retail Displays and Point of Sale Installation Solutions.

Service Innovation Group are your one-stop destination for transforming retail spaces into engaging, eye-catching, and sales-boosting environments.

As a premier provider of retail display and point of sale installation services, we take pride in creating immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on customers and drive revenue growth for businesses of all sizes.

Our Service Offerings.

Service Innovation Group's European team of dedicated installation experts provides an end to end service, from regular merchandising and maintenance visits, planned POS installations & re-active visits.

Linked directly to our cloud based CRM solution Celero One, we can ensure your assets or point of sale materials reach their final destination for a seamless install, every time.

Our dedicated team of experts call on specialist, premium and experiential retail outlets including John Lewis, Curry’s, PC World, Harrods and other leading retailers to build and maintain displays of branded Electrical and Electronic Appliances and Devices.

We can deliver any kind of Retail Display or POS installation and we can facilitate small to large projects installations, maintenance and changeover involving thousands of retail outlets, across Europe

Whether you need a simple point of purchase installation, ongoing postal locker maintenance or dedicated equipment and POS installation through to high-tech interactive displays involving premium electronics and security equipment - we can help.

The biggest brands in the world work with us to ensure gold standard fixture and display implementation and fantastic POP installation, on time and on budget.

Ongoing Fixture and Display Maintenance

As well as setting up compliant and impactful displays complete with comprehensive and ‘clean’ signage, our fully trained team of experts provides on-going and regular merchant display and appliance maintenance including running updates, diagnostics, and troubleshooting where required.

This allows store colleagues to focus on shopper engagement and customer service.

Here’s a sample of the Retail Display & POS Installation work we can help with;
Temporary & Permanent Fixture installation
Floor & Window Graphic Siting
Digital POS Installation
Live Product implementation
Security Device Installation
Seasonal POS Installation
Aisle In-Fixture Builds
External POS & Signage Placement
Postal Locker Service & Maintenance

Re-Align Your Workforce Tasks in a Cost Effecitve Way

Speak to us about realigning cost heavy tasks from your teams into our dedicated Retail Display & POS Installation team, structure your teams output to focus on the tasks that really matter.

Put simply, we offer a full pre, during and post aftercare service for your brand and equipment in retail.

Some of the tasks that can be re-aligned:
Walk in and site all POS​
Display maintenance​
In-store systems​
​​Merchandising & compliance
Security alarms and systems
POS system maintenance
Range reviews
New Product Introduction
Product launch & training​
Talk to one of our experienced teams today to find out more or check out our case study below.