Permanent Kit Installation

Hard Point Of Sale Kit Installation in Retail

Permanent Kit Installation

Service Innovation Group has been working closely with one of the UK’s largest food and drink companies since January 2023 to distribute and install their permanent fixture displays across Convenience, Grocery, Wholesale and retail stores. The array of displays include single serve snacks stands, chiller adjacencies and standalone CTU's.

SIG meticulously oversees and manages the entire end-to-end process, from customer request to install within a 5 day turnaround time.

Our strategic approach involves swift handling, starting from the moment the displays arrive at our warehouse, ensuring seamless transition to our merchandisers, and promptly placing them in stores.

This agile process is designed to meet demanding activation timelines, guaranteeing that each display is not just delivered but strategically positioned for maximum impact.


  • 650 visits completed
  • 99% execution across all permanent kit displays
  • 98% delivery on time in full directly to all our client's customers

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