Financial Services – REACT Solution

Supporting a global market leading financial services provider with full field sales support

Financial Services – REACT Solution

Service Innovation Group deployed full-time teams across Europe in key card member cities to ensure newly acquired merchants were visited and onboarded for a leading financial sector services provider.

To support our dedicated full-time teams, Service Innovation Group also deployed our industry-leading REACT solution.

This team was live across 15 cities in 2019/20 to visit and engage with local, targeted merchants.


  • 230,000 merchant visits completed across 2018-2019
  • 300 + Agents working across Europe
  • 82% of merchants left with a positive outcome in siting POS
  • Provide a warm welcome to new retailers
  • Siting of POS across outlets
  • To provide entry audit
  • Our agents engage with 76% of decision-makers in store.
  • Provide localised targeted campaign coverage for Wimbledon Tennis
  • Provide feedback on merchant satisfaction
  • Educate the merchant on the key offerings of financial services provider

We have vast experience of working with customers to help grow their sales within the financial sector.

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