What are the different types of Field Marketing?

What are the different types of Field Marketing?

Field Marketing covers a broad spectrum of disciplines.

What are the different types of Field Marketing

/As a full-service agency, Service Innovation Group have you covered with our highly skilled field sales teams.

For over 40 years, we’ve recognised that one size doesn’t fit all for our clients.

We select the right people for your brand from our database of 420 fully contracted people.

Here are just some of the services that we offer;


Definition. “The promotion of goods and or services that are available to the consumer”

From creating brilliant displays on fixtures to ensuring shelf edge labels are price compliant and fixtures are full.

Merchandising is the key to unlocking organic growth in field sales.

Merchandising is one of the basics of field marketing but it is so easy to get wrong.  Skilled merchandisers can make or break the success of your brand in retail.

Poor merchandising can mean more deeply rooted problems so getting it right the first time is key.

With store staff time at a premium more than ever, it’s absolutely essential that core compliance of your brand is at the very heart of your field marketing strategy, let us craft your perfect campaign.

Talk to one of our team about your merchandising requirements – here

Business Development

Relationships in retail are more important than ever. We are the face of your brand.

Our experienced strategic teams work with the biggest brands in the world to build relationships with key stakeholders across different sectors.

We ensure that your brand, key USPs, and product knowledge are transmitted to the end-user with an unrivaled passion and enthusiasm that can only come from being EMEA’s leading full-service field marketing agency.

Our skilled brand ambassadors drive brand advocacy that is translated into your sales growth.

Getting it right in a post COVID landscape is more crucial than ever, don’t get left behind.


Need to understand how your brand is performing at store level? Auditing can help with this.

Our team of experienced retail auditors uses the latest in-house technology, covering EMEA clients with full UK reach.

Using Service Innovation Group technology – Celero Cloud, we audit store inventory systems versus physical stock and report live to give you instant access to results to make decisive decisions on an immediate fix.

We call this solution REACT.

POS (Point of Sale) Placement

Did you know that point of sale walked rather than sent into retail is 30% more likely to be sited?

Having a flexible field sales team available to take control of your own POS destiny means stronger results and better compliance.

With over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space available, Service Innovation Group can store, collate and distribute your point of sale campaigns to our field teams from our central warehouse.

In 2020 we handled over 1.5 million items of point of sale delivered directly into the hands of our field sales team.

Do you have a POS campaign that requires support – get in touch with our experienced teams to see how we can help.


Do you need help launching your product?

Need to deliver a critical sales message or product portfolio across a full retail estate?

Want to enhance retailers product knowledge?

Answered yes to any of the above?

Service Innovation Group’s industry-renowned training and development programme allows our teams to be immersed with your company values.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world on their training programmes, get in touch to see how we can help yours.


Putting your product into the hands of the consumers is one of the best ways to convert sales. Make sure you have the right people

Our teams help run events across the globe for our customers.

Events can range from simple promotional sampling support at a supermarket to a full team at a conference. Wherever you brand is, we can help.

Talk to us to find out how we can support your next event – here

While these are just some of the services that we offer of the many different types of field marketing, get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your sales today.