What Is Field Marketing?

What Is Field Marketing?

A very good question and one that we get asked ALOT.

Field Marketing put simply, is the most important part of your marketing strategy. There, we have said it.

A big claim?

Getting your product or service into the hands of the consumer in the right way, communicating with your key brand messages at the point of purchase, through a field sales solution is absolutely critical to driving sales and growth.

Essentially, we are the final string in your marketing bow, to ensure that a potential consumer chooses your product or service, over a competitor.

Field Sales Partnership

Partnering with a leading field sales agency will make a real difference to your brand presence and sales, cutting through the noise to ensure that your strategy is on point.

Service Innovation Group can help with our global reach and importantly – local knowledge.

We are always innovating to ensure we have the very latest technology to our clients and field sales teams

Full Service Field Marketing Agency

We pride ourselves in being a full-service agency working across all retail sectors, including – Grocery, High Street, Technology, Financial, Telecoms, Discounters, Food Service, Convenience and Wholesale.

We work with the biggest brands in the world, creating bespoke measurable field sales solutions which can resolve some of the most common compliance issues at the root cause, including –

  • How do I ensure my product is selling correctly and to retail standards?
  • How do I implement point of sale successfully?
  • Has my sales promotion been activated and is the shelf edge label pricing correct?
  • Increasing shelf availability
  • Deliver effective sales training
  • How do I sell more into convenience?

We offer all types of solutions to help you grow.

Types of Field Marketing

  • Business Development
  • Training
  • Merchandising
  • POS (Point of Sale) Placement
  • Auditing
  • Compliance
  • Range Reviews
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Events

Our experienced teams have the industry knowledge and insight that can bring real power to your brand.

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Read on to find out how Field Marketing can help your brand grow sales where we go into greater detail around some of the challenges faced by our clients and how we resolve them.