Why do I need Field Sales?

Why do I need Field Sales?

Field sales support is adjusting to a post-COVID retail landscape.

Way before COVID-19 affected our lives back in early 2020, retailers across the UK were already reducing shopfloor headcount – this of course meant less time for store staff to focus on replenishment and shopper engagement, meaning a risk to potential brand compliance

Retail was and still is in some respects, operating with a reactive rather than pro-active approach to replenishment resulting in poor availability, and POS compliance.

Do you know how well your brand is performing – we can help.

How can a field sales agency help?

Put simply Service Innovation Group have the field sales expertise and resource to give your brand the focus it needs to ensure that it is front of consumers’ minds, every time.

We operate across the globe for the biggest brands in the world, creating award-winning field sales solutions.

Impact of COVID-19 on retail.

COVID-19 has accelerated many aspects of shopper behaviour.

One notable theme emerging from 2020 and continuing through 2021 is supplier range simplification and SKU reduction.

Once COVID-19 becomes stable, most economies will be in recession conditions and range simplification will become normal.

Suppliers are reacting by optimising ranges and concentrating on high-performing core SKU’s.

For example, Mondelez has reduced their 2021 SKU count by 25% – Kantar February 2021.

The battle for getting core compliance right in-store the first time is now even more critical. Product ranging has reduced by 7% overall – Nielsen.

Service Innovation Group is working directly with suppliers to support retailers with these core compliance challenges.

With our flexible field sales solutions, we will work directly with you to carve a strategy to grow organic sales.

Opportunities to grow sales.

Whatever your sales goals may be, we offer the solution.

  • Are you worried about your product compliance versus a competitor?
  • Need to educate store staff on your brand?
  • Day one sales not as expected?
  • Does your point of sale need implementating correctly?

We operate across Tech, Financial, Grocery, Convenience and Wholesale and our teams have the relevant experience to help your brand grow.

Whatever the challenge and whatever the retail environment, Service Innovation Group can help.

Field Marketing has many different disciplines and all have their own unique benefits to help your sales grow.

Read our blog on the different types of field marketing services, where we cover the benefit of each of these in more detail.

Contact us to learn more about how we can take your business to the next level.