Visual merchandising and your brand

Visual merchandising and your brand

Visual Merchandising or simply merchandising, is the promotion of the sale of goods, especially by their visual presentation.

Covering aspects such as the visual display of the item, its in-store location and how the product is perceived. These aspects drive sales. Never more so than in 2022 has it been so important to stand out from competitors. Visual merchandising helps support this.

Why should your brand merchandise?

Merchandising is an essential part of running a successful business. Your brand needs to ensure it is being noticed by customers and that your products stand out more than competitors. Meaning clarity with merchandising to be sure your products are displayed correctly at every point of the year.

Understanding merchandising benefits

There are several benefits to merchandising your products correctly, for the most part, it will help your customers find what they are looking for much quicker. Merchandising also makes your products easier to sell if they have constant availability. Providing a platform to show off your

product with its packaging, branding and promotion. Merchandising gives way to your brand to build customer loyalty and higher engagement. Finally, it helps you keep track of inventory and fix any potential out-of-stock issues.

Building an effective merchandising strategy

The strategy ensures your products are displayed accurately, so you need to consider how your customers will interact with them. This includes where they will be in store, how they are displayed and whether they will be visible at all times. Another thing to consider is including a strong strategy for merchandising at the times of the year these services are most valuable and in the best locations.

When should I merchandise my products?

There are several reasons why you might want to merchandise your products at certain times of the year. One reason is to help your customers find what they are looking for easier when a new product listing is incoming. Another reason is to encourage repeat purchases by ensuring the best possible product availability. A third reason is to increase sales by making your products stand out from competitors at certain times.

Merchandising should be supported by promotional cycles and tie in nicely with seasonal spikes.

Good examples are Christmas, Easter and Halloween, but all brands have specific times of the year when they generally see sales spikes, so it’s good to align these to your Merchandising plan.

Where should I merchandise my products?

When selling through retail, it is key to consider where is available to merchandise the product based on space and availability, this is typically pre-agreed at the head office level and communicated down to store level, for a field sales agency like Service Innovation Group to implement.

Space agreed for Merchandising can also be away from the principal fixture space like gondola ends, or it could include sitting on POS items like an FSDU (free-standing display units) or hard-installed items of point of sale. Specifically for a brand, merchandising in retail stores with tactics like these, the possibilities are endless.

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