Retail Merchandising Tips

Retail Merchandising Tips

Seven Retail Merchandising Tips

Consider Your Brand and Target Market

First and foremost, all corners of your retail merchandising strategy should account for your brand values, ethics and target market. Therefore, your in-store experience, whether in a stand-alone dedicated store or retail super-power, should represent your brand values which resonate with your target market.

For example, if you run a homeware store bursting with colour and positivity, your product displays and decor should reflect that.

Products positioned in a general retail store should also reflect this by having the correct point of sale or point of purchase merchandising. These should always be in place to avoid missing out on sales.

Choose the Right Floor Plan

Your store’s layout can greatly affect the shopping experience for the customer – which is why all supermarket floor plans are similar.

Service Innovation Group focus on planning for success within the customer experience.

Merchandising Plans should be strategised carefully to reflect the brand. So, whether you opt for a grid, loop, angular or free-flow plan, Service Innovation Group will guide you in the right direction.

Maintain a “Decompression Area”

A decompression zone is the first 5 to 10 feet of any store, where customers transition from the outside world and into the store.

This area should be kept uncluttered, like walking into a porch in your home. It should be welcoming and comfortable, a place where the story of your brand starts.

Service Innovation Group are the most dedicated merchandising partner across EMEA to plan store layouts and visual merchandising.

Group Related Products and cleanliness.

Visual merchandising in retail best practices such as grouping related products are well known but not always kept in check. Time must be taken to clean shelving, and organise via a planogram and face products. This makes products more appealing to customers, as they will be visible and accessible.

Cross Merchandise

Cross-merchandising is the practice of grouping different products together to increase sales. E.g. Socks and Shoes, phones and phone cases etc. The idea is to induce thought-provoking psychology in the customer, save them time and feel as though their needs are being preempted.

Service Innovation Group can provide insightful ways to cross-merchandise products, no matter the department.

Encourage impulse buys

Encouraging impulse buys is one of the best retail merchandising strategies and can be achieved via point or purchase, point of sale or bin merchandising.

Service Innovation Group provide strategy and planning to increase sales via impulse purchases. Work with us to put discounted or inexpensive products within reach of your ideal customer.  

Promote Offers, Features and benefits with signs

Signage and positioning are a sure-fire way to increase footfall to specific locations along with potential sales. They can be used to promote a multitude of things such as:

  • Promoting sale areas.
  • Highlight product features, specs and benefits.
  • Educate shoppers about brand values and ethics.
  • Showcasing the bands personality.

Signs need to be visible, legible and represent your brand in a creative and forward thinking manor.

Service Innovation Group can help

Utilising a field marketing agency means that you have optimum control of your campaign.

We plan, manage and distribute promotional material directly to our teams, cutting out any risk of it not being implemented

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