POP and POS, what are they?

POP and POS, what are they?

It is common to misunderstand the differences between POP and POS. As not only do they sound very similar, but they also share a lot in common.
POP, or point of purchase, is the physical location where the consumer decides whether or not they will purchase. POS, point of sale, is focused on the specific areas where the exchange of goods occurs.

For example, the POP for a new television is the electronics aisle, and the POS is the payment lane in-store.

Who uses POP and POS?

Both are used worldwide, by a multitude of brands, across multiple purchasing and sale points. It is the direct link between customer and product, where the product gets showcased in different ways like shelf-facing branding, promotional materials and specialised POS displays, door and window stickers and so on. See below for two examples installed by Service Innovation Group.

POP refers to the in-store points of interaction between the consumer and the product, including pieces such as standing displays, dump bins, or clip strips. These displays are always customer-facing to reinforce brand awareness and increase the likelihood of a sale.

POS leans toward customer and product interactions already having taken place. These merchandising tactics occur at the point of sale, the payment lane in-store.

It is just as common as POP and serves a very similar resolution to enforcing brand awareness and increasing the lifetime value of a customer. The only difference is location.

PepsiCo POP 1
POP installation by SIG

When does this merchandising work?

Think about what this means for the retailer; the focus is not to sell products which appear on a shopping list. But instead, use its bright and bold POS or POP, hoping to increase the likelihood of an impulse purchase from the consumer.

These services are well proven all year but exceed even more during national holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. They also excel around events like the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

How can Service Innovation Group help with our POP and POS?

Our in-store team of retail specialists have deep knowledge and understanding of store disciplines and supply chain systems. Allowing for trust with retail store colleagues to allow them to provide interventions at the store level.

Results? Satisfied shoppers and outstanding Client ROI. Achieved by ensuring on-shelf availability through book stock error corrections, optimised build of promotional displays that predict accurate on-going replenishment algorithms, filling on-shelf gaps, and supporting new product launches and range review re-lays.

Our positive interventions are converted into robust ROI calculations to generate client and retailer confidence and build long-term strategic partnerships.

Our tailored reporting templates are there to meet our clients’ differing needs and priorities, which are all managed through our patented reporting system – Celero Cloud.

POP Display Strengths:

  • More products or quantities (multi-pack specials)
  • Versatility and mobility of display units that can integrate around store locations.
  • Products already on a customer’s shopping list get higher brand recognition.
  • Great for temporary promotions or sales.
  • Raising brand awareness consistently by drawing the eye to promotion points.
  • Pushing different packaging options like promoting six packs of drinks instead of single bottles.

POS Display Strengths:

  • Inciting impulse buys.
  • POP or POS that apply to specific holidays.
  • Great for Single pack consumables.
  • Smaller and less space is needed.
  • Temporary promotions for sales of any hand-sized products.
  • Consistently Reinforcing brand awareness to increase repeat sales.

Overall, POS and POP displays boast huge advantages to brands looking to increase sales and awareness, giving the consumer quicker access to the products alongside ensuring the consumer will discover your product.

Merchandising with POP or POS can be optimised over time and is a marketing technique where Service Innovation Group specialise. We can provide you with customers’ repeat business at the check-out stage when usually the product would not make it into their cart.


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  • Product Merchandising
  • Range reviews
  • Planogram compliance
  • Check and fix

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