The Metrics That Matter

The Metrics That Matter

What are metrics that matter to get results in Field Marketing? 

 The following metrics are important to field marketers: Number of visits attended, Cost per visit, revenue per visit, conversion rate, net revenue generated from events.  

 Field Marketing Services can be a multitude of marketing techniques ranging from POP and POS placement, merchandising, ambassador promotion or more simple things like the auditing and facing of shelves.  

A lost sales value (LSV) on interventions made can easily be measured to understand your ROI for Field Marketing spend. 

The Basics of Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Field Marketing 

 A key performance indicator is a statistic that indicates how well an operation is meeting its goal.

The main KPIs that can be used for field marketing are metrics:

  • Store compliance.
  • Availability of products.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Sales uplift – A comparison of before and after intervention.
  • Point of sale compliance.
  • Number of interactions with the customer.  

The most efficient way to track KPI’s is to ensure you work with a field marketing agency like Service Innovation Group, who provide software and reporting systems such as Celero One. This has been independently built by us to ensure your data is efficiently working for your campaign goals and is accessible at the touch of a button. 

 In field marketing, the most important metrics that should be monitored are those concerning:

  • Sales performance
  • Customer acquisition and retention

How to Calculate and Analyse Your Metrics for Better Decision Making 

 Calculating and analysing metrics starts off with good decision making, to get here we need to ask ourselves some key questions.

    What is your desired outcome?  

The desired outcome of this case is to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

     What is the goal for your campaign?  

A common goal in field marketing, especially consumer-facing campaigns, is brand awareness. Achieved via tactics such as in store campaigns and forms of paid in store promotion.

Other goals might include generating long term brand influence on the consumer (to nurture into lifetime value) or generating sales (through a specific campaign). The overarching goal always needs to be business-driven though! 

Intervention through the assessment of metrics and continued data collection 

 Data is essential to making informed decisions. By understanding the data that is available, we can identify patterns and trends that can help us make better decisions for your brand or store.  

Retailer Data is one of the most important sources of data when it comes to making informed decisions both initially and when intervening at root cause level to improve campaign outcome. 

It provides us with insights into customer behaviour, product performance, and other factors that can help us make better decisions. 

 Service Innovation Group collect retailer Data through Celero One to identify the key problem or issue and then make interventions to fix it at its source, immediately.  By using a dedicated team who understand the data who can suggest immediate remedies.  

This approach can be used in any industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, to quickly resolve issues and achieve success. 

Through this process Service Innovation Group can identify the most effective interventions to increase sales for your brand.  

Start with a Base and Grow from There

For success within European and international field marketing, your agency partner must understands each location and market.

We simplify this with our unrivalled experience, talk to us today to find out how we can help supercharge sales and increase growth through brand awareness.

Utilising a field marketing agency means that you have optimum control of your campaign. 

Service Innovation Group plan, manage, and distribute promotional material directly to teams, cutting out risk of it no implementation.

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