Grow with Merchandising Technology

Grow with Merchandising Technology

The world of merchandising technology is constantly changing, and many new products will soon become available for consumers to experience. These products will be a huge step forward in merchandising technology. Here are some of the hottest tech trends to keep an eye on and how the technology fits into what Service Innovation Group offer.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is one of the biggest tech trends of late. It allows users to interact with real-world objects using virtual images projected onto them. Augmented reality has an ever-growing reach alongside a creative output that boasts endless use in real-world cases.

It has its use in merchandising and data collection. Whether you are looking to allow consumers to experience your product virtually or collect 3D data for a project, AR is powerful. It truly is the fusion of reality and the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR headsets are becoming more affordable and accessible to the masses. They allow people to immerse themselves in an entirely new world. There are also tonnes of applications for VR beyond gaming. For example, some apps let you try different fashions, furniture and art in the desired space before buying.

Virtual reality lends itself to a fully immersive experience, that enables a genuine representation of the product on or in the desired location.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has is used in various ways since its inception. However, it wasn’t until recently that it became widely available to consumers. With the rise of smartphones and other devices, AI is being seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. It’s not just limited to smart speakers either, it’s now possible to use AI in everything from cars to drones.

An AI-driven merchandising system may assemble bundles of products into solutions or recommend particular styles and choices given one’s wants and latent needs, the human part of this is coming up with those choices and understanding the factors that drive preferences.

So how can merchandising technology improve our position?

Interactive Videos

A prime example of a technology trend that incorporates interactive video into visual merchandising is that of Mac cosmetics. Virtual try-on mirrors have proven a flutter of brilliance within the cosmetics industry, allowing the customer to test makeup colours on his or her face without even wearing the product.

This service allows Mac (and now other brands like Sephora who have also adopted this style of technology merchandising), to offer testing, research and customisation of products for each individual. Providing an incredibly personal touch to the experience.

Mobile Integration

Mobile integration with in-store visual merchandising is known to increase revenue. There are a few types of mobile integration available: merchandiser-facing or customer-facing.

Merchandiser-facing provides software tracking for field reps and updates and notifications for managers and clients whilst analysing data. Service Innovation Group has a dedicated reporting system for this in Celero Cloud.

Customer-facing mobile integration is available for the sole need of pushing notifications to the consumer’s mobile phone, which has the potential to transform the customer experience.

Endless Aisles

Endless aisles are not exactly what they sound like. They can never be truly endless, but always working towards seeming so.

Imagine you go into a bookstore to purchase some pages that you desire, but it is not on the shelf. An endless aisle is where a customer can head to the service desk and instead have this book delivered. Perfect, the sale is made, all whilst in the background, the store purchases the book from the seller at that specific time to be sent to the customer. Not endless, but a means to an end of the sale.

QR Codes

Integrating QR codes in-store will provide in-depth information to customers, everyone has a smartphone so it is practical and well-versed.

A QR code is nothing more than a 2D barcode but differs from the standard by using horizontal and vertical markings. These can be read by smartphones and in technology merchandising, allowing customers to gather more information, access promotions, provide feedback and more.

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